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SonoStar UProbe C5PL Wireless Ultrasound Scanner

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Introducing the SonoStar UProbe C5PL Ultrasound Transducer

Your Ultimate Wireless Imaging Solution


The SonoStar C5PL is a wireless diagnostic ultrasound transducer that is actually three probes in one unit. The ultrasound scanner can be used for patient exams where a linear transducer, convex transducer, or phased array transducer is required for medical imaging. The SonoStar C5PL is compatible with many Android and iPhone phones and tablets. The compact, ultra-portable form factor of the C5PL makes this ultrasound unit extremely easy to transport. Experience the pinnacle of medical imaging with the SonoStar UProbe C5PL ultrasound transducer - an innovative wireless device designed to elevate your diagnostic capabilities to unprecedented heights. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional ultrasound equipment and embrace a new era of convenience, mobility, and cost-effectiveness - without any subscription requirements!

Cutting-Edge Technology:
The SonoStar UProbe C5PL boasts a powerful electronic array with an impressive 192 elements, revolutionizing the way you approach imaging. With its ability to perform linear, convex, and phased array imaging technologies, this single unit offers versatile diagnostic potential, providing you with comprehensive insights for a wide range of medical applications.

SonoStar C5PL Ultrasound Scanner Medical Diagnostic Tool
Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner with B, B/M, color, PW, PDI imaging
  • Probe Elements: 192
  • Width: 60mm
  • Height: 150mm
  • Weight: 260g
  • Frequency: 3.5 to 10 MHz
  • Scanning Depth: Convex 100-305mm Linear 20-100 mm
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

sonostar c5pl handheld ultrasound largerSonoStar C5PL Ultrasound Scanner for Diagnostic Medical Examinations


Seamless Wireless Connectivity:
Embrace wireless freedom like never before! The SonoStar UProbe C5PL seamlessly connects to your Wi-Fi enabled tablet or smartphone, supporting iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Experience true mobility as you move around your patients, capturing images from any angle with ease. No more tangled cables or restrictions - just enhanced efficiency and convenience at your fingertips.

Battery-Powered Reliability:
Stay fully charged and always ready to go! With its built-in rechargeable battery, the SonoStar UProbe C5PL ensures uninterrupted imaging sessions, empowering you to focus on what truly matters - exceptional patient care and accurate diagnoses.

Advanced Imaging Modes:
From B and B/M to Color, PW, and PDI modes, the SonoStar UProbe C5PL delivers unrivaled versatility. Experience the power of different frequencies and depths tailored to each imaging mode. With frequencies ranging from 3.5 - 5 MHz for convex mode and 7.5 - 10 MHz for linear mode, you can confidently explore diverse medical scenarios with exceptional clarity and precision.

sonstar c5pl example scan
SonoStar C5PL Ultrasound Scanner Example Medical Scan #1
sonstar c5pl example scan 2
SonoStar C5PL Ultrasound Scanner Example Medical Scan #2
sonstar c5pl example scan 3
SonoStar C5PL Ultrasound Scanner Example Medical Scan #3

Comprehensive Features:
Enhance your diagnostic experience with a plethora of indispensable features. The SonoStar UProbe C5PL provides image adjustment, biopsy assistance, measurement, annotation, and image-saving functions, ensuring you have all the tools necessary to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

Compact and Ultra-Portable:
The SonoStar UProbe C5PL is designed with your mobility in mind. Its compact size and ultra-portability make it effortless to transport and deploy, empowering you to conduct point-of-care imaging with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Water-Resistant Durability:
Built to withstand the demands of a dynamic medical environment, the SonoStar UProbe C5PL features water-resistant properties, ensuring reliability and longevity even in challenging conditions.

sonostar c5pl handheld ultrasound 4

Unlock the true potential of medical imaging with the SonoStar UProbe C5PL ultrasound transducer.

Embrace wireless freedom, advanced technology, and a wealth of features without the burden of subscriptions. Elevate your practice, enhance patient care, and revolutionize your diagnostic capabilities - all with the SonoStar UProbe C5PL. Upgrade your imaging experience today!


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